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Wembley Park is one of London’s largest new developments, transforming the space around the National Stadium into a vibrant new district of London. You can now live, work, shop and play in this world-famous cultural neighbourhood, a globally-significant yet locally-loved London district.

How to get there? Click link below

Market Square (Free Stage)

This is the first area you will see if you arrive via Wembley Park station. This Market Square is a free entry area where most of our food traders will be serving delicious food, we will have a sherry bar where we will be hosting sherry tasting sessions throughout the weekend. We will have our Free Stage here, inspired by a tablao flamenco, it will be the place to enjoy a selection of performances including live music and dance.

Events Pad (Feria Stage)

This area is two minutes walk from Market Square and is open from 12pm-11pm. The programme in this area will host live music and dance shows, plus food stalls and a bar will be in operation for everyone to enjoy refreshments and delicious tapas. This area will be the ticketed space. 

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